Printable Grocery Coupons

The What, Why, How And Where Of Printable Grocery Coupons

What are printable grocery coupons or free print groceries? Do they work like standard coupons that one had to cut out from newspapers and handover to the grocery store to qualify for discounts on grocery purchases? If yes, then why are they now called printable coupons? And if I can print them at home, what is stopping people from printing hundreds of coupons and buying everything for free?

Read ahead to understand how printable grocery coupons work along with answers to all other questions that you may have about this useful saving tool that is so popular among sensible buyers who are always on the lookout for smart saving opportunities.

What are Printable Grocery Coupons?

In the past, coupons offering discounts on all types of products were distributed through newspapers and magazines. However, the Internet changed all that. Sellers began offering online coupons for products that were increasingly being purchased online. The offline option was useful only for products like groceries, which people still prefer to buy from brick-and-mortar stores.

So, sellers began offering the option of printable grocery coupons, which allows buyers to download images of coupons from the Internet, print them, and submit them to the seller when buying groceries.

What’s Stopping People Unlimited Amounts?

Let’s get the most obvious query out of the way. Unlimited use of coupons was never possible in the past because the number of coupons was limited to the total number of newspaper or magazines printed. Now, buying a dozen magazines just for the coupons was not feasible. So, people could use one or, at the most, a few, coupons.

Does that mean those downloading images of coupons and printing them in their home can print unlimited coupons and use them to qualify for massive discounts? No, that is not possible.

For starters, sellers allow only a specific number of online visitors to download the printable grocery coupons. So, the coupon download option will become inactive after, say, a thousand downloads.

Now, what about the thousand individuals who have got the coupons? Printable coupons invariably have serial numbers or bar codes on them. A dozen coupons with the same serial number or bar code, obviously, won’t work. In any case, such an attempt violates the terms and conditions specified by the coupon issuer and are, simply put, illegal.

How Do They Work?

So, how can an individual seeking to use these coupons legally benefit from them? Sellers offer different types of coupons that come with varying benefits. Some types of coupons include:

• Flat discount on products of a specific brand or seller
• Discount on products above a specific quantity or size.
• Reduction in price when buying a specific combination of products.
• Discounts applicable if the coupon is redeemed on specific days for specific products.
• Store-centric coupons as opposed to manufacturer-issued coupons

As you can see, the basic logic of printable grocery coupons is pretty simple—buy stuff, show the coupons, and qualify for discounts.

Why Use Printable Grocery Coupons?

Why not? What have you got to lose by ignoring this wonderful opportunity to qualify for discounts? Even if you consider the cost of accessing the web and printing, you will still save money every time you redeem a coupon.

A Valassis survey revealed that more than 90% of coupon clippers used them for saving on grocery purchases. Further, the survey indicated that about a third of all coupon users saved around $50 per week, which works out to around $2500 savings per year.

The best part is that you can continue saving through printable grocery coupons for years at a stretch. So, before you reject these coupons, just ask yourself—what can I do with $25,000 savings ten years from today?

Another advantage of using coupons is that it helps you gain a better understanding about the various products available in the market. You may find that certain grocery products are best purchased from specific reputed manufacturers while other products can be bought from the cheapest seller without worrying about quality.

This may take time but trying out new brands and different manufacturers can help you identify the best products for your home at the lowest prices

Why Do Sellers Offer Them?

It is evident that couponing is a very smart idea as far as buyers are concerned. However, why should sellers offer discounts through coupons in the first place? What do they stand to gain?

Well, the first advantage sellers enjoy by offering printable grocery coupons is access to big data. Would you mind exchanging your name, email id, and contact number to qualify for savings of $25,000 over ten years? Certainly not. This information along with details of your preferred coupons can help sellers understand you, and other millions of other potential customers, better.

The increased profits through additional customers acquired through analysis of customer spending patterns will outweigh the costs incurred by offering discounts. It is a short-term cost that offers long-term benefits for sellers.

Secondly, coupons, especially printable grocery discounts, help manufacturers break through the clutter and build their brand’s credibility. Just walk down the aisle of a supermarket, and you will see dozens of manufacturers offering the same product. How can sellers get you to choose their product over variants offered by competitors?

At the end of the day, all washing detergents do the same task—of cleaning dirty clothes. In such a scenario, coupons can help a new entrant can pierce the market by offering customers the added advantage of significant cost savings. Instead of spending millions of dollars on expensive advertising campaigns, sellers can simply use the coupon route to get more customers.

Thirdly, coupons can set a brand apart and can influence the way people perceive it. An expensive product made affordable through coupons will appeal more to customers as compared to an affordable product. That’s just the way people think. They always presume that a costlier product must be better than a cheaper variant.

Printable grocery coupons give people the satisfaction that they are using top quality products without throwing a spanner in their financial plans.

Finally, coupons can help established brands convince buyers to try a new product. A coupon that offers a discount on an existing product to buyers opting for a combined purchase of an additional product can convince people to try a new grocery product. Again, the initial discount works out to be a short-term incentive offered to build brand recall.

How to Extract Maximum Value?

Many persons feel disheartened when they fail to save a lot even after collecting coupons diligently. Well, the Internet has proved to be a double-edged sword for coupon clippers. The good thing about the web is that you can find great deals applicable to a wide range of grocery and home care products right from your home. The bad thing is that every other person in your locality, city, or country can do the same thing.

If you want to achieve serious savings through coupons, then you should keep the following points in mind.

1. Never stop searching for the better deal. Remember, there is no limit to what you can save through printable grocery coupons. Sellers printed hundreds of billions of coupons in 2016. So, always stay on the lookout for that better site or source for high-discount coupons on your grocery purchases.

2. Don’t be too brand conscious and focus on savings instead. No seller is likely to offer coupons in perpetuity. The best deals may be offered by sellers of quality products that are trying to pierce the market. If you find your savings stagnating, then chances are high that you are focusing on coupons offered by very popular brands.

3. Be methodical and strategic in your search for better deals. Some websites may release new coupons at one in the morning. Some may offer coupon deals via emails to those visitors willing to provide the same. Consider all options and prepare yourself in your search for more printable grocery coupons accordingly.

4. Be systematic to ensure you don’t miss out on good deals. Have a separate email address for receiving offers and coupon emails. Use filters offered by service provides like Gmail to organize your inbox according to your preferences. This may seem like a minor point, but the truth is that good organization can help you a lot, especially over the long run.

5. Get in touch with other coupon enthusiasts to gain more knowledge about how to extract more value from your coupons. From the right time to log on to websites to using multiple devices to grab more printable grocery coupons in the name of all your family members, you can get a lot of useful tips through smart online networking.

Technology has made it a lot easier for you to save money through coupons. However, you must keep in mind that you will be competing with a large number of competitors for a limited number of offers. So, start your research today, compare as many coupon sites as possible, and rely on trustworthy sites for advice, assistance, tips, and more and more coupons for cheaper grocery purchases.